How does social networking affect guitars?

I was reading about how social networking can affect guitar players when they create their presence online.  I would definitely think that musicians should be careful how much information they share about themselves.

The hard part is how do you balance not sharing too much without seeming like you are too stand-offish because that can have a negative effect on your fanbase too.  It’s definitely worth thinking about though before you get too crazy and post information about where you are going, etc.

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Paul Reed Smith – the daddy of guitars

I’ve been playing a couple of different PRS guitars for several years now.  The thing I appreciate is all the workmanship and attention to detail that goes into making these instruments.  A buddy of mine in college had an electric Paul Reed Smith Santana model and I wanted to have a sound like that really bad.

I tried to get the tone with other guitars but no luck.  He explained to me why the parts and general building process for most guitars is flawed and why they are so crappy.  At the time the Internet was very young so there wasn’t much information about PRS guitars online.  So with that said, I took a trip to Maryland where I learned first hand about the guitars in a music store.

Just like they were back then, they still are superior guitars.  I’ve played the electric Santana, Mira and Tremonti.  Each one of them are excellent in their own way.

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How to build Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat

Eddie Van Halen built a cross between a Gibson and a Fender guitar called a Frankenstrat many years ago.  We are talking like the 70’s here.  This is the famous guitar that Eddie has been photographed with a lot in the early Van Halen days and it now serves as an icon for guitar rockers.

If you are looking to buy a replica of one of these guitars, get ready to fork out some serious cash, but instead of doing that how about try something that is more fun?  Build one yourself!  I’ve dreamed of playing that guitar since I was a kid.  If you read about how Eddie created the guitar it’s a great story, especially the part about his technique for creating the paint design.

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Hendrix sound demystified

I came across the Hendrix sound when I was in grade school.  Right away I knew that something was off, or should I say something was on!  Either way those bluesy chords with distinct Hendrix guitar tone certainly threw me off.

The sharp chords that he employs on several occasions (ala Purple Haze) are legendary.  You sometimes wonder why so many rockers stick with standard power chords and don’t give some of them a recycling that we so desperately need.

In 2010, I would be that tons of bands could benefit from a sprucing up of their crappy songs with just a few tweaks from Jimmy.  Gotta love Fender gods.

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Fender’s Super Sonic – what could be better?

I’m one of those types that always says, hey innovation is great, but when I look at Fender I always think, well vintage is good too:)  That’s exactly what I thought when I came across the new super sonic amp by Fender.

When you first look at it, you might say “what’s that orange box?”  But when you play it, the vintage channel will remind you of that great tone from the Eric Clapton days.

The reality is, there’s lots of amps out there, but how many of them can you honestly say that you know will sound good.  I’m eager to hit the local guitar store and check it our for myself.

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